Internship Testing

Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe B.V. (MTEE) in Almere is a group company of the Japanese company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. The company is subdivided into two divisions: Turbochargers and Engines. MTEE produces turbochargers for the European automotive industry and serves almost all European car brands. Today there are more than 800 employees and five factories at MTEE, and the company is still growing with an increased demand for our products.

Level of assignment:

Topic of assignment:
Development of  an automated post-processing system for test setups.

Background of assignment:
MTEE has several test facilities which require post-processing of experimental results.
To process this information and display it properly a front-end must be developed that allows engineers to evaluate the results. This includes reading the output of the test equipment, calculating performance related variables and displaying them in an interface.

Create an interface that displays testing results and performance variables.

 Concrete tasks:

  • Create a script that can read the dummy test files.
  • Create a post-processing script that can calculate the performance variables involved.
  • Develop the interface that will display the results.
  • Develop a process description to keep the program updated and future proof

Required qualifications of the student:
HBO in system engineering, in a direction of system development and programming. The student should have affinity with (automotive) industry.

The methodology to develop this system should be captured in a report (in English), with a copy of the assignment and an executive summary.