Your loyal, reliable partner since 1917

In 1917, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) became the first Japanese company to develop and build a diesel engine, and since then has steadfastly pioneered technologies for the reciprocating engine. MHI offers a broad line-up, ranging from construction machinery and marine engines to engines for power generation. In recent years, the company has been involved in the general development of advanced gas turbines, rocket engines, and other types of internal combustion engines, even as it continues to look at the true significance and its decades-long quest to further refine the reciprocating engine.

All new engine models are equipped with high-performance turbochargers. Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe B.V. ‘s turbochargers are manufactured at the same plant in which the engines are produced. This close proximity of design and production results in the ideal turbocharger match for each engine, maximizing overall performance.

We offer engines as well as turnkey solutions for industry and marine to support your every need. Technical details of our entire product range are available via our online engine system, MEeS, upon request.