Engines – Power generation

Our diesel and gas line up of engines offer a wide range of outputs that will meet your demand for power. Our engines are suitable for continuous, prime and standby power.

  • Dependable and durable in power generation
  • Engines for continuous, prime and stand-by operation
  • Available in high and medium speed
  • Wide range of outputs
  • Available as gas and diesel solution
  • Suitable for cogeneration of energy

The Mitsubishi diesel and gas engine line up for power generation comprises of engines from 5 kW to 15000 kW*. These engines can be found in a multitude of applications including generator sets for stand-by or emergency power, prime power for peak shaving or base load power plants. We have a relentless focus on product quality and production management which makes us a reliable partner for our OEM’s. The engines are built to last and with ease of maintenance in mind, they have easy access points to key components.

Power Generation Engines

* More information on engines above 5880 kW available upon request.