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The Stena Estrid is the new RoPax ferry of Stena Line that operates between Holyhead (UK) and Dublin (IE). The Stena Estrid entered into service in 2020 and offers space to 1000 passengers and 120 cars.  The emergency power of the Stena Estrid is supplied by a Mitsubishi in collaboration with Lindenberg-Anlagen and our German distributor ScanDiesel.

Vessel name Stena Estrid
Application Ferry
Dimensions M (L x W) 215 x 28
Owner Stena Line
Build by CMI Jinling Weihai Shipyard
Emergency equipment Emergency generator set
1 x Mitsubishi S12A2-MPTAW-4
828 kW at 1800 rpm
Commissioning 2019
Partner ScanDiesel GmbH, Lindenberg-Anlagen GmbH

Stena Estrid and her sister vessels Stena Edda and Stena Embla are part of the new E-Flexer series that Stena has designed for Stena Line and several other customers. A total of 9 vessels has been ordered so far. Stena Estrid was the first of the series to enter into service in January 2020. The Stena E-Flexer series is designed for the Northern European ferry routes. The design focuses on efficiency and flexibility. A new hull shape has been developed to reduce resistance and optimize fuel efficiency. Also, a special coating has been applied to the hull to deter marine growth and reduce drag. The flexible design makes it possible to fit the size and layout to the specific route requirements. The E-Flexer series complies with the latest rules and regulations for safety and the environment.  

In case of emergency, the emergency generator set will supply power to all safety-related equipment on the Stena Estrid. It must be ready for use at all times in any operating condition of the vessel and must start immediately and automatically in the event of a main power failure. The emergency generator set for Stena Estrid is built by Lindenberg-Anlagen and is equipped with a Mitsubishi S12A2-MPTAW-4. This durable mechanical engine has a prime output of 828 kW at 1800 rpm. The design is according to SOLAS and class regulations, including stainless steel heat insolation and double-walled fuel lines. 













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ScanDiesel GmbH is the official distributor of Mitsubishi Marine Engines in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. ScanDiesel combines all the advantages of cost-effective large-scale production and the possibility of an individual solution for a wide range of application and operating conditions. They offer the advantage of a comprehensive product range and a customer-oriented sales and service team.