In 2012 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. completed the development and commenced marketing of the “MEGANINJA*, a transportable power generation system driven by a gas engine and configured like a container. As of November 2012, the MEGANINJA is available for Europe, The Middle East & African markets as well.

Based on the product concept of “quick mobility, quick installation and quick commissioning,” the MEGANINJA adopts an easily transportable container configuration and uses connector units for wiring and fuel piping connections, which enables significant simplification of work needing to be performed at the installation site.

We are aiming to develop a wide market for the MEGANINJA in Europe, The Middle East & African markets, primarily in response to demand for distributed generation capability especially in the emerging economies, where power shortages remain common in some regions and for emergency power generators. With the MEGANINJA, we have expanded our lineup of gas engine power generation facilities. Going forward, we will now focus on enhancing the effectiveness of the MEGANINJA as a response to demand for distributed generation power sources and emergency power sources to be used for instance in times of disaster.

Clean longlasting natural-gas cogeneration system

The MEGANINJA is a clean natural-gas cogeneration system. Power generation through highly-efficient and clean MEGANINJA will contribute to deliver bright future and realize an earth-friendly low carbon society.

The MEGANINJA incorporates all equipment necessary for power generation within an ISO 40-foot (approx. 12 meters) container, including a gas engine, generator, fuel gas compressor and control panel. The unit can also accommodate cogeneration through simultaneous use of a 20-foot container for waste heat recovery incorporating a hot-water heat exchanger, exhaust gas steam boiler, etc. Both types of container can be transported to their destination by trailer. The MEGANINJA has a generation output of 1,500 kilowatts (kW), and multiple units can be easily interconnected to expand output further.The MEGANINJA’s gas engine features a “miller cycle” system ** that enables achievement of an outstanding generation efficiency rate of 42.6%. Electronic control results in optimal mixing of the fuel and air, which in turn keeps nitrogen oxide (NOx) density within 200 ppm (parts per million) without treatment. Also, outstanding reliability and durability have been achieved in the main engine components, roughly 90% of which are identical to parts used in the company’s widely adopted diesel engines.

Main Specifications of the MEGANINJA:

  • Generator ratings Output 1,500 kW, Frequency 50Hz
  • Voltage 400V/ 6,600V/ 10kV/11kV
  • Outer dimensions (L x W x H)
  • Generator unit 12,192×2,438×2,896mm
  • Heat recovery unit 6,058×2,438×2,896mm
  • Gas engine Model GS16R2-PTK, Fuel Natural gas
  • Cooling system, air-cooled

For this industrial generator set, we make use of our newly developed 1.5 MW gas engine GS16R2-PTK which incorporates a Miller cycle system with larger compression.

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*MEGANINJA: Mitsubishi Energy Gas package Ninja series