Trasmapi is prepared for the future with its eco-efficient passenger catamaran

The Espalmador JET is a high-speed catamaran with a sailing route between the Spanish Pityusic Islands, Ibiza and Formentera. The catamaran is 28.40 M long and 9 M wide, has an operational speed of 27 knots (50 km/h; 31 mph), and offers space to 300 passengers.
Vessel name Espalmador JET
Application Ferry
Dimensions M (L x W) 28.40 x 9.00
Owner Trasmapi
Build by Rodman Shipyard
Equipment Propulsion engine:
2x Mitsubishi S12R-MPTAW,
1040 kW at 1650 rpm
  Auxiliary generator sets:
2x Solé 85 GT, 85 kVA
Commissioning 2016
Partner Progener
What makes the Espalmador JET so special is its eco-efficient design. The hull is specially designed and built to optimize the sailing conditions of the catamaran and minimize its environmental impact. Also, the internal combustion system is tailored to the specific sailing conditions, significantly improving its fuel consumption efficiency. The Espalmador JET is built according to the highest quality standards and is the first vessel built in Spain under the International Code of Safety for High Speed Crafts (HSC 2000).

The Trasmapi shipping company has set itself a target to renew its fleet with high environmental requirements, making it a benchmark for the industry and preserving local environment. The Espalmador JET was the first new eco-efficient ship “made in Spain” of the Trasmapi fleet.


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