The RANGE+ is a power generator to charge the batteries of a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) while driving. This enables e-mobility without the anxiety to run out of electric power.

The RANGE+ concept is based on proven turbocharger and gas turbine technology; it uses a gas turbine to drive a generator that charges the battery. The inherent high power-to-weight ratio and low number of parts allows a compact, lightweight and cost-effective design. BEV’s with the RANGE+ will be more affordable to manufacture and have a reduced environmental footprint because, with the RANGE+, a smaller battery pack will be sufficient to power the vehicle.

Advanced combustion process combined with state of the art turbo-machinery allows a low combustion temperature, resulting in low NOx emissions. The future series production version of the RANGE+ will be designed to comply with the most stringent emission standard (SULEV 2025 California).

The RANGE+ can be developed to produce low levels of emission without using an after-treatment system. This makes it a low cost solution compared to a piston engine range extender concept.

The target specification for the produced RANGE+ series is a 31% overall efficiency, which will generate 30kWe, sufficient to drive a passenger vehicle at 130km/h speed continuously.