Single scroll turbine for gasoline

Automotive Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) development in today’s market is aimed at downsizing engine displacement and increasing thermal efficiency. By adding a turbocharger to a downsized engine, performance output can be maintained while improving fuel economy and reducing vehicle emissions. The quest for increasing vehicle fuel efficiency leads to drivetrain changes where higher torque values at low rpm can be used to keep the engine revolutions down and thereby lower fuel consumption without sacrificing drivability characteristics.


Single scroll turbocharger for gasoline

Single scroll turbo applications are used in a majority of today’s smaller displacement engines where maximum torque should be available already from low engine rpm. It is a cost-efficient means to increase drivability and output from a low displacement ICE or to generate high-performance output for medium to large sized engines.

A single scroll fixed geometry turbocharger design is characterized by a single volute for the turbine housing, transforming exhaust energy into compressor rotation. Designs can be straightforward and provide high efficiency for a chosen flow range. Single scroll fixed geometry turbochargers can be seen as a basic entry level or conventional turbocharger; more complex turbocharger technology such as Twin scroll, Variable Geometry (VG) or 2-stage technology is intended to either broaden the usable flow range or provide higher efficiency over a broader working range of the turbocharger.

Single scroll turbines can be provided for any desired flow range. Common designs range from single entry for cylinder head integrated manifolds to complex integrated casted manifold-designs. Our single scroll turbochargers are capable of operating at high turbine inlet temperatures up to 1050 degrees.
Mitsubishi’s Turbocharger technology is well known for small, high efficiency turbochargers based on our Japanese heritage and experience with “Kei Car’s” (Japanese passenger cars with an engine displacement of less than 0.66L).


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