Turbocharger Line up

MHI Turbochargers has a wide range of turbine- and compressor frame sizes available for both gasoline and diesel applications.This line up covers an engine range starting from 600cc small engines up to 10MW heavy-duty marine engines.
By means of continuously advancing development of new high efficient turbines and compressors MHI Turbochargers maintains her position as the leading turbocharger manufacturer in terms of performance and efficiency.


From our European headquarters in Almere in the Netherlands, MHI Turbochargers serves the European Automotive Turbocharger market with high tech gasoline turbochargers as well as high efficient variable geometry turbochargers for automotive diesel applications.


The advanced MHI turbocharger technology is ready for the next generation downsized gasoline engines, with highest efficiency turbines and compressors designed for optimized transient response and high exhaust gas temperatures (1050+) available in all frame sizes to cover the automotive market.

Being a technology driven company and having a leading market position in gasoline turbocharger technology, over the last decade, MHI Turbochargers has developed herself to be a global player in turbo technology for automotive diesel applications. With the latest generation Variable Geometry turbines and 2-Stage systems, MHI Turbochargers is ready for the next generation diesel engines for euro 5 and euro 6 requirements.

The MHI turbocharger – The Best in Class in terms of Quality and Performance