Turbocharger for Diesel Applications


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries designs, develops and produces a complete range of turbochargers for diesel engines. Besides turbochargers with a variable geometry turbine (variable geometry turbochargers), there is a complete range of waste gate turbo’s available. (turbocharger line up)

These can be equipped with a vacuum, a positive pressure or an electrical actuator

Our waste gate turbochargers are designed to meet the highest specifications and performance, representing the best possible price-quality ratio.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has ample experience with integrating exhaust manifold and turbine housing, providing the benefits to our customers.

To meet the challenges posed by tight production schedules and increasingly severe operating conditions, extensive CAE must be undertaken to qualify and develop systems in a virtual world before prototyping and actual testing.

Like all other models, our waste gate turbochargers are produced to meet the highest quality level, which makes the Mitsubishi Turbo famous in the market.